Thank you all for the dinner yesterday. As with everything, you do so much out of love and kindness. I wanted to let everyone know how much I appreciate the laborers who each and every day go beyond what their wages pay for. Such as those who go all the way back to get an extra sugar for your coffee. Those who smile at you and show love, even though they may be having a tough day themselves. This is all new to me and indications are that my days are getting shorter. While I am coherent is the time I wish to share my thoughts. You are all so special to me. Now do you see why I call you my angels? Thank you for your love and compassion. G.W.

Words could never express our deepest heartfelt appreciation for your staff’s excellent care provided to [our loved one] during her stay there.  We are humbled by the love and support provided to her at all levels of care.  May you know that you not only touched her life, but those around her as well.–G.A.

Thank you for all your patience and care that you gave to mom. Mom was happy that she got to rekindle old friendships during her time there. The staff were special to her and I really appreciated your kindness. C.B.

Dr Mumma and Staff, we cannot thank each of you enough for the WONDERFUL care that was given to [our Mother]. From the Physician to the Nurses, Physical Therapy and Food Services, you we ALL amazing. Thanks you!–F.J.

I recently had a family member that spent their last few days at Cedar Hill. The staff there was amazing and very courteous. I had several family members wish that [ourloved one] had spent her time at Cedar Hill rather than another facility she was previously at. I can’t say enough nice things about Cedar Hill and the people that cared for her. B.A.

We can’t say “Thank You” enough to all the staff that cared for Mom. Your compassionate hearts and patience did not go un-noticed. We have grown to love and appreciate each and every one of you as you care for the residents. Mom had a great time at Cedar Hill and never wanted to go back home. She loved it there because of all the people coming and going and especially because of the activities. –D.M.

You have a very caring staff. –F.T.S

Even though [our mother’s] stay was brief at your facility, we felt she was cared for in a professional manner.  When we visited or called, the staff always responded to our needs.  Thank you! –V.R.

Everyone we encountered at Cedar Hill took wonderful care of my Grandmother. Words can’t express how thankful we are for the kindness shown. –E.S.

We appreciate your thoughtfulness, your loving care, your attention to detail, your smiles and you treating Daddy as a dignified individual. We are certain your jobs are not always easy or appreciated, but we wanted you to know that we appreciated the professionalism and compassion. –D.W.

Thank you so much for your kindness–our family appreciates it!  This is our first care center experience and we are all pleased with the care our mother is receiving.  You have a vey nice facility–one you can be proud of. –L.H.

When we are there to visit, everyone is smiling and friendly to us.  F.R.S.

Mother was at Cedar Hill where she lived after the onset of Alzheimer’s made it not possible for her to continue to live alone.  The folks took good care of her and treated her like family.  One aide even called her “Yaya,” and endearing term used by people of Greek descent to lovingly address their grandmother. –G.P.

I need to take a moment to tell you what a great staff you have at Cedar Hill.  Words can’t express how happy I was at Cedar Hill.  You have the best therapy department.  I know I would not be walking if it were not for all the work they did with me. –A.M.

Thanks so much to Cedar Hill for the supreme care given to our mother in her short stay.  She was able to return home in August.  The staff is so friendly and just watching the way the staff interacts with the residents was also outstanding. –D.G.

The decision to admit [our aunt] was made easier by the support that we received from the staff and team of therapists.  Her speech therapist, Andy, was the one individual who could motivate her to try.  The bond the two of them shared was incredible!  In fact, she mentioned Andy’s name just the other day.  She hasn’t forgotten him or what he did for her even though she’s home with me now, she still misses seeing him. –D.M.

This was my third stay in your care center, and I do commend all your staff for their kindness and help.  Please know that I “sing your praises” and recommend you facility very highly. –D.P.

Thank You! for the wonderful care you gave our uncle during his stay.  You were so kind to him and each and everyone of us.  Words will never express our gratitude. –R.C.F.

Thank you and the staff for answering my questions yesterday.  I feel that dad is receiving wonderful care.  This has been a hard time , but with your help and the kindness of your staff, it has been manageable.–F.T.F.

I wanted you to know the holiday dinner was just fantastic. –G.M.

Thank you for all the good care you gave me.  The food was good!  I’m using my cane a lot, but I do without it a lot also. –G.S.

Thank you so much for our mom’s heart’s desire trip.  You could not have chosen anything better for her to do.  We’re glad to have entrusted our mother’s care to people who are so caring.  Thanks again for a day we’ll always remember. –M. & R.

Thank you so much for letting us use the activity room on Christmas Eve and for having it set up so pretty for us.  It was a wonderful surprise and mom enjoyed it so much. –F.R.S.

When dad became a resident at Cedar Hill in November, I thought it was the “beginning of the end.”  My prayer was that he would adjust and accept.  I had no idea the impact you all would have with my dad.  He not only recovered from his illness, he has grown stronger and brighter with your love and care.  The concern that you show for each resident is evident and that concern coupled with professionalism and skill is a winning combination. –W.T., F.F. and M.M,.

I want to thank you very much for making mom’s heart’s desire come true.  she was so glad to get to see her sisters and her good friend L..  She still talks about having such a wonderful day. –M.S.

Last week my Dad was able to attend a retirees meeting that he’d started of 12 years ago.  Everyone at your facility did their best to accommodate his wishes.  This is not unusual.  I can’t express enough gratitude to all of you from Janet down.  I’m so happy he’s at Cedar Hill.  Thanks to all of you.  –J. & B.H.