Activities & Social Services


The heart of any good facility is the activity program  At Zandex we strive to create a fun, caring, and activity filled environment for all our residents.   Our professional and highly trained staff builds programs that we use each day to build and improve the residents quality of life.  Each resident can take part in our general activities and we offer unique and specialized activities designed for each individual to meet their personal goals and needs.

Many of our activities are on site, from art programs, games, and exercise classes  our team works with the residents to create fun filled events.  We offer dances, music and traditional holiday events such as Mother’s Day dinners, holiday celebrations and much more.  Residents also have the opportunity to take part in the local community.  We have outings to local events, concerts, visit the local shopping district and we alway encourage the family to take part.  Being involved in the community stimulates the mental and physical aspects of well being and provides an excellent sense of community involvement.

Come join us for some fun!

Social Services

Sometimes a family or resident needs some help with things during changes in life or care.  We offer a wide range of social services and can help meet your needs during this time.  We can provide help with legal services such as Power of Attorney, or can help with things like scheduling doctor’s appointments.  We have a full highly trained staff that knows the community and can assist you in whatever you may need.