Nursing Services

Zandex has award winning nursing care.  The best in the business.  We offer compassionate and quality care that focuses on the long or short term needs of the paitent.  We focus on quality of life both for the patient and the family, giving a peach of mind in knowing that the quality of care is the best.  We consistently exceed state and federal guidelines for quality of care and this is the quality of service that people know us for.  We offer a full compliment of nursing services, and we have an onsite medical director that will provide a personalized care plan to meet the patients needs.

Alzheimers & Memory Care

Our patients are encouraged and assisted to be an active member of the community. This helps improve the quality of life and health of any patient.  With our specially trained staff we provide excellent programs to help remove anxiety, minimize confusion, and provide enriching activities that provide the patient and family with a sense of care and well being.

Some of the other services we offer:

General wound care

Pain management

Diabetes management

Catheter care

Dementia care


Bowel & Bladder care

and many others

Contact us for a full list of services.

You can be assured that with our fully trained and top quality staff we provide the best care in the business.  We offer dietician services, transportation, psychologists, dental care, laboratory testing, and anything else the patient may need.