Sexual Life for Men Over 60

When a man experiences erectile dysfunction, he feels old and aging. If he is even capable of sexual intercourse and sexual activity in old age, then such a man will have a good quality of life.Sexual Life for Men Over 60

According to medical research, 1 out of 3 men over the age of 40 has problems with erection. A direct cause of erectile dysfunction can be arterial thrombosis or a plaque on the vessel wall, which interferes with blood circulation in the penile vessels. Besides, some of the old men are contraindicated to take sexual stimulants like Viagra, Cialis or Levitra as they negatively affect cardiac health. But here, there is an alternative to stimulate an erection. It is a kind of natural Viagra but prepared at home. Detailed recommendations for ED treatment are given further in the article.

But most often, problems with potency are a symptom of other diseases, for example:

  • diabetes;
  • obesity;
  • high blood pressure;
  • dyslipidemia.

Another common cause of erectile dysfunction is prostate cancer. This diagnosis is established for many men over 55. Even after treatment, 70–80% of patients will have a severe form of dysfunction.

All men over 55 who visit a physician should be asked about erectile dysfunction. The physician together with a patient should discuss the problem and actively define it. You can start with sex life questionnaires and sexual life regularity.

How to treat erectile dysfunction in men

The change in lifestyle, moderate alcohol consumption, balanced nutrition, smoking cessation, weight loss, and elimination of stress will help normalize erection in older men. If the problem is not solved through these means, then the next step is drug treatment. The most popular drugs are the 5-type phosphodiesterase inhibitors including Viagra, Cialis, Levitra.

There is an opinion that taking these drugs leads to heart problems and death. This is 100% correct. In 1999, Princeton University hosted a meeting of the International Conciliation Group on Sexual Activity and Cardiac Risk during which recommendations were made. For example, such drugs cannot be prescribed to those who take nitrates. The use of drugs or injections should be prescribed by the attending physician only.

The main thing is trusting relationships with a partner

According to medical specialists, the need for intimacy and satisfaction does not disappear over the years. Sexual and reproductive health even after 65 remains an important aspect of psychological and physical well-being. The key requirements for a high-quality sexual life in old ages are pleasant, trusting relationships with a partner. Overall state of health is also very important to be monitored.

Psychological issues, which also often cause sexual dysfunction, need to be given as much time as physiological ones. Therefore, trips to a psychologist and sexologist in case of problems in the sexual sphere are mandatory. They are carried out together with a partner.